Thursday, April 26, 2007

Too much to say

I'm lazy and have a million other things I should be doing.
Today was yet another perticularly tidious day, Check LJ for the real update.
3 Blogs is alot and I don't feel like giving this one it's own.

I got alot to do for school, I should eat.
I called Dal again, apprently got a Student Pin in my Dal e-mail address.
To bad my net id is not working -_-

Rawr.. ever have one of those day were you plan so much and things you never dreamed of fall throught?

I hate how one bad thing can throw everything out of loop and then everything else shifts slightly to the negative side and it's enough to throw you back down again.

Seriously, I'm at the point were I know if it weren't for my allready bad mood half the things that are messing me up now wouldn't matter half as much.

Ok.. back to work.

I am really not having a good few days.


Farouche said...

You and me both, babe. Fingers crossed that life gets better... you deserve a lot better than what you're getting.

PS - Hope you don't mind that I infiltrated your new blog. ;)

B.A.D. said...

Don't mind at all
Thanks again.
Gotta check, Lauren?