Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I hear you weep so far from me

It seems I have entered apathy.
This fact worries me to a degree, as I am normaly a very caring person (probobly too much soo) and base most of my life etc around this fact. Of course I supose my caring also leads to many of my annoying tendencies, so perhaps this is a good thing?
I really don't know.

I'm enjoying it none the less. My guilt is greatly reduced and my soul may be damned, but i'm smiling. Master's hold is gone for good, although I still find myself debating the ethics of calling upon him in times of *ahem* need. But then again, I've never claimed to me a moral person. (Caring yes, moral.. probobly not)
It's just so odd for me, the feelings, emotions and thoughts I had as he cried... me.. I mean my usual thoughts where there, but they seemed silence by this new presences. I want to say she was mean, but maybe she's just logical or self preserving, watchfull or apprehensive maybe. Either way she called the shots right, cued the lean in, the soft strokes, gentle carress and the hang migrating to the leg.

Surpsingly dispite this empowering developement, I still find myself angered by things. The urge to hit things seems to come from no-wheres and thankfully disapear quickly as well. I'm not sure were i'm going anymore.. as a person i mean. I have my entire life "Planed" in a sence, school, location, career etc. But the one thing I allways knew above all else, who I am or was.. thats gone. I find it a little bit amusing how completely upseting and calming this new notion is.

I am alone.
Really, there is no one (if Maybe few) people I can trust or honest call my friends.. and of those people their consistancy or tolerance of me perhaps, changes every day.
I have no friends, no one I can really truely trust.
Certainly no one I can depend on.
And for the most part I don't care.. or don't seem to.
Whats worst.. is I sometimes find myself not caring when I lose someone. Grantit, I guess I know Satan etc aren't really "gone".. but still.

I guess I really don't know what i'm saying, maybe not even how i feel or who i am anymore.
I still care.. but maybe not as much?
More importantly will I ever get it back? and do I want it?
I say I do, I feel I do... but at the same time I do so enjoy this rush of power.
I am in control and none of you can make me unhappy.
Shouldn't I be glad?

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