Tuesday, April 17, 2007

There's something about this psycho ride

Why do I do it?
Does anyone know? Constantly and forever talk to the people you know you shouldn't? Its like there name is just there on the contact list waiting for you to click it, and then you do. You say hey, they actualy respond. and now your fucked.

And the internal bitch takes over, sarcasim left right and center, your saying ever mean thing that comes to mind while asking youself what the fuck your doing? Honestly, I can see myself, inside my head, siting there going wtf is going on? Who's authorizing this shit? Stop saying that? This is a bad idea, don't do it... ok really thats enough back off, stop that.

But it just goes on . . . See if this happened BEFORE they all got pissed, I would 100% understand why they want nothing to do with me. Gawd. It's still going on... Dispite the legitimate reasons for it and the truth hidden under the heavy coat of massive bitch.. I need this to go away.

I really hate that part of being me.

I should be doing homework and cleaning, why am I still on here?

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