Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Sunday, April 8, 2012


A: well what do you want?
B.A.D.: I want to know what you want.
B.A.D.: Where I stand.
B.A.D.: What do you want?

A: i have no idea how to respond cause now i feel like iv been doing somthing wrong. to me you are very close. i dont know how elce to word it
B.A.D.: ... seriously tell me if i need to wait while you finish something.
B.A.D.: You haven't done anything wrong. I just want to know what you want from this.. or me..
B.A.D.: But I'm not going to pretend that 'close friends' kinda hurt.
A: yeh i know. i dont know what to say. we are not exactly dateing persay no idea how to word anyting
B.A.D.: not exactly dateing persay?
A: are we boyfriend and girlfriend?
B.A.D.: you are answering my questions with questions.
B.A.D.: :P
A well im not sure whats going on is all
B.A.D.: me either.
B.A.D.: Which is why I am asking you what YOU want to be going on.
A: not much honestly. if i can swing it maybe get around more. im easy to pleasethats why i asked what you wanted.
B.A.D.: So you don't want more.
A: i dont know
B.A.D.: oh
A: didn'y mean that in a bad way.
A: im just realy confused
B.A.D.: about?
A: your making me think
A i dont realy undrestand what im sapouse to do
B.A.D.: There isn't any, 'supposed to do'... I'm just trying to figure out what you want.
A not much as i said it dose not take alot to make me happy. im fine the way thins are, but if you want more just tell me. and in my experiance theres always a sapouse to do. i just never see it
B.A.D.: Well how are things now?
B.A.D.: Cause I'm not sure I know

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The master plan

I have concluded that in order to implement my evil plan of owning an orange kitchen aid mixer, I will have to get married.

Married people get all kinds of kitchen loot, whats more you can register and increase profits exponentially. Now all I need to do is go around asking random strangers to marry me until one of them says yes.. or a better idea would be to ask people I already know. I should make a list of vegan prospects, start form the best and work my way down.

My this is my best idea yet.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lazy post, cheap eats

sanmich by B_A_Dxxx88
sanmich, a photo by B_A_Dxxx88 on Flickr.

Sorry for the lack of posting life has been crazy hectic and with working 7 days a week I feel like I rarely make anything post worthy.

Here is a terrible cell phone photo of my breakfast/lunch today, but it was such a good quick cheap last minute grab I had to share.

Running late and having not gotten groceries in a while, I was pretty hard up for food and have been taking instant costco oatmeal to work for breakfast and eating out for lunch.

BUT! This morning I stopped into pete's frootique to look around and decided to splurg on some 9.99/lbs guacamole. Finding pita chips at 3-4$ a bag, I decided to try to find corn chips when I happened by the bread section and found focaccia for 3.15 for a bag of 8 rolls from a local organic bakery.

So basically, these babies consist of toasted Focaccia, Guacamole, sliced organic tomatoes, dab of regular mustard and salt/pepper. So good, I'm eating one now for breakfast and toasted/wrapped another in the lunch room to take with me during my break along with the 2 costco kwiwis I am still trying to finish.

Here's the final score

8 Focaccia Loaves from a local organic bakery 3.50$
3 organic tomatoes 1.60$ (reduced produce score)
1 tub of Pete's Guacamole 6.15$
My total came out to around 11.60$ with taxes etc.
Added some mustard packets from the food section and take away salt/pepper and we are golden.

I figure it's not bad because this will make 6 meals because I'm generous with the tomato slices/guac, if I skimp I could make a full 8 meals, which for last minute 11.50$/8 =1.44$ a meal is pretty damn good.

Conversely I would now finally have bread for my veggie burgers if I decide to skip a meal or bulk one of the meals up with the frozen patties.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fem Fest 2010

Fem Fest 2010
Originally uploaded by B_A_Dxxx88
Femfest is a celebration of female artist this year to raise money for Barry House a local shelter. So come out for a great night of music, side show, and dancing!
Starts at 7pm
At the Gorsebrook Saint Mary's University

Performers include
-Miss Molotov
-Shannay Smith
-The Keats
-DJ Goldilocks
-And MORE!

It will be $2 at the door or a quality garment donation

There will be door prizes, and all proceeds raised will go to the Barry House, a local women's shelter

Saturday, March 20, 2010

When dogs think they are parrots?

Seriously, Party's identity issues are expanding.
First he was a lap dog, ok sure fine.

Then a cat or cat-o-weiler?

now he's a parrot or perhaps Rot-a-rot?

Don't know if you can tell based on these pictures, but this is Party my 80lbs Rottweiler sitting on my shoulder.

After slowly sliding himself over the back of my chair, from the couch 3 feet away, to slowly climb onto the top of this chair to drape himself over my shoulders before finally kicking his barely touching the couch feet and pulling himself onto the back of the chair/my head.

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