Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Most wonderful Night of the year

... or so they say. Man I love song lyrics as titles.
Here's something i've been writing up on the pc about prom.

Being the logical person I am.. I made a list.

heres the file

No one to hang with
No friends going
No dress
No money for dress
Bad music
Bad food
People who don't really like me
nothing to do
I'm cheap
Look bad in dresses
Hair etc cost alot
No friends here (cept maybe kcam, she's not going)
No date.. ok half true i suppose technically i have lots but see the part where no one likes me
Why bother?
I really don't have any friends, as usual i'm being played. I wonder why i asked her who she was going with

Only one prom
I do have an army of dates lined up
Kcam is now going
Adam needs me to buy him his dress :P
I'd like to believe that i do have friends in this town

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