Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cook 'em Rare

Due to the Fact that this Blog isn't sent to Facebook, I have a feeling it may turn into mostly rants and angry out bursts.
I.E. A Bitch station where I'm gonna take out everything. So take things with a grain of salt.
I'll be saying things I don't entirely mean and stuff i'd never do etc.
Such as saying I want to Punch Graeme (Satan is a nickname i'll use if people start reading this etc).
Reasons I will be saying this: I AM annoyed at the way he's acting.
He IS hurting me with alot of his actions.
I do sometimes feel so overwhelmed and angry I get the urge to hit him.
But, obviously I never would what with my against violence and how dispite everything.. he is still my friend and soon enough he'll probobly be back to friendness and this will be in the past.

It's like what I said about Andrew (Condom) and then followed it with a comment about how friends aren't really there until they need you. Andrew is having a bad time with stuff, and I wouldn't have it any other way then him coming to me and being able to confort him. I live for that kinda stuff. I want all my friends to be able to do that, regardless of our standings, even Graeme could come up to me tomorow and need something, I'd be there. That said, I still do feel kinda hurt about what happened on the Weekend and the abandonment feeling etc isn't gone.
I love my friends.
I'm allways there for them, whenever.
But I still can't help but a feel a bit betrayed and hurt with the way I don't seem to matter until I become usefull to them.

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