Monday, May 21, 2007

Sick fuckers

Chrstian domestic discipline, notice how they replaced the violence with discipline?
Wife beating site is in pink
Links are blue
I'm in lime

Bible wife beaters R us

Talking to the husband
" d o I have to spank her to tears?

Yes, by spanking her to tears you are allowing her to fully submit and be humbled for her actions."

I know I've said it once, but I shall say it again some Christians are forked up. Seriously.

" What instrument should I use?

The best by far is always the hand, it is safer then other things, and besides you always have it with you."


Maintance discipline, now she doesn't even get a chance to misbehave!
Let's beat her everyday

Postioning and what to do if she doesn't comply

"The comparatively smooth transitioning from lecture to punishment positioning eliminates the need to move the wife to the side before bending them over. A towel on the husband's thigh can both alleviate hygienic concerns as well as minimize the effect of unforeseen stress incontinence."

So i guess the hygenic concern is that she doesn't bleed on you?

""Providing a pillow will allow the wife to further support her torso, or to bury her head and muffle her crying""
Can you have people charged over the web?

the spanking withers any rebellion, the woman's legs will naturally relax as her resistance fades and she accepts her fate."

Like forking hell it would fade.

http:// the woman's blog
This women is mildy insane.
no really she is

Look at her favorite quotes.

If I ever see this guy, i;m going to knock out his teeth. Fuck this is sick.

Oh, look the store sells crotchless pantallons and bruise balm, how ironic.

Note this site is not about concensual spanking or any form of kink/sex play. If is were consensual and about getting off/loving play I'd be all for it. But it's about control and being The H.O.H.

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