Thursday, May 10, 2007

Drunk driving project

Note: I'm using this post to keep info on my drunk driving project, so these are NON-Factual stories i'm creating for a project.
And Lauren, feel free to take any completed stories and beging Translating them. <3

Ben's story:
Friday night may 24th, 11:45PM

You were hanging out and partying with a few good friends, drinking and having a good time. You have work in a few hours and keep reminding yourself and your drive you have to go soon. But he's passed out, and in no condition to drive, your dad allready told you he couldn't come pick you up. Your friend offers you both a place to sleep, but your drive insists you leave, his parents need him home. Besides, you say "I have to work in the morning".
But to reasure you, you offer to drive, after all he's far worst off than you are. So you sya your goodbyes, and load you friend into the car.

It's dark out but the roads are pretty vacant so you feel alittle relieved, you wave as you pull out of the driveway and onto the road. Your friend is saying something about how he needs the car home in the passangers side, but you assure him you'll get it back to his place just fine. You decided to drive him home first, that way you can explain the situation to his parents and they may give you a ride back to your place. You head feels a little groggy but your almost there. If I speed up, I'll be able to get home in bed sooner you think as your foot presses down on the gas.

The car glides along the dark vacant roads, your hoping that there are no cop cars waiting behind the next bend. You friend tells you to turn on the radio, and you reach down for the knob and the music fills the car. All of a sudden you look up and see two bright head lights headed straight for you, you quickly pull the wheel to the side or at least you thought you pulled it quickly. The car jerks off the road, and careanses over the side walk.
Your body slams into the steering wheel, as the small car wraps itself around the tree. The sound of metal grinding fills your ears as you rib cage is crushed when the dashboard smashes towards you. You barely have time to process whats going on as the foggy image of bark imprints itself onto your retina. The shattered ribs punctured your heart and longs, filling them with blood and you drown. Your friends head smashed into the glass and metal frames, he lived long enough to burn alive as the engine ignited.

You were pronounced dead among the arrival of the paramedic team, your friend made it until 12:15, 4 mintues after they pulled his body out of the burning wreck.

Robyn's story(?)
Wendesay June 20th, 12AM

The last party of the year, you and your girlfriends are having the time of your life. Senoir year, and its all finaly over, your dates allready gone home, but your friends keep telling you that the cute guy in back likes you. They send you his way with two drinks in your hand, you take a sip and offer him the other plastic cup. Soon enough, your both feeling pretty tipsy and he confesses that he's going to the same university as you, because he found out you were going there. You look at him for a moment, surprised. It turns out he's had a thing for you since grade 9.

Your friends giggle at the news, and size him up from across the room. Over all approval, form them all. You all decide to take one last time on the dance floor, a few more drinks and your off.
Walking across the cold parking lot, you all laugh and pull your throws(shalls? wraps?) tight. You laugh as you watch one of your friends try to walk a straight line, shes wabbling left and right, someone makes a joke about how its a good thing she's not driving.

You all pile into the car with your poofy skirts, and someone puts a Pink CD into the drive. You chuckle as the back seat sings at the top of their lungs off key and you pull out of the parking lot.
You driving up the road, music blaring, laughing and your friends are congradulating you on your new love intrest as you aproach the intersection you look back to tell them to knock it off, but they know your kidding. You make your turn, your friends scream as your airbags.

You car turns directly into the drivers side of the station wagon, who had the right of way. You slowly look around, is everyone allright? As you pull away the air bag, your friend in the pasager side bleedly profusely from her nose. Broken in three spots, you'd later learn. Whip lash and shaken, you all exit the vehicle to survery the damage. You don't even know what you could have hit, you heart sinks as you exit the car.

The driver of the station wagon's head is hanging out the broken window. She's bleeding from her head, your friends are outside now, crying as one of them fumbles for her phone. 9-1-1, she dials, you too afraid to approach. Your friend slowly walks towards the car, oh no.. you hear her wisper as her knees give out. You don't want to look, but you hear the sound of your heels hitting the pavement. In the back seat, thats now bent inward you can make out what seems to be a child's booster admist the twisted metal. You can feel the hot tears on your cheeks as you reach out your hand to whats left of the car, you notice the blood driping from the boosters plastic frame.

The sirens fill the air and paramedics push you out of the way as they attempt to pry the doors open. An officer approaches you and asks if you were driving, you can't speak but you just nod and he asks you to come with him. He loads you up, into the back of his car and takes you away.

Your parents come to collect you from the cold cell about an hour later. They tell you how happy they are that your alive.

Later on, in court they inform you that the woman died that night while you were in bed, her baby was dead upon impact. You were given a fine, and community service was recomended.
The husband wore a black suit and a gray tie, he sat upfront for the hearing.



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You posted this at 6am??? Holy cow, girl. :P I'll get onto translating these ASAP. Sorry for the delay.

B.A.D. said...

No problem hun, I'll get on writing the other four as well :3