Sunday, August 19, 2007

Traped indeed

Cubical hell.
It sucks, never ever work in a cubical, ever.
Grant it we have the most open cubicals ever, the only reason for this is so the new Rent-A-Cop can walk about groping his keys and crotch. Struting and making sure were not on the internet. Fork you. My sup, boss and just about everone else doesn't care. In fact the only reason they mention it is because you file complaints, crasshole.

Now the lights are flickering... joy.
It's 10 am now, been here since 6:38am.. off at 3. Can't take much more... need sleep.
Was at Geoff's until 12, insomina when I got home.. so tired.
Have coffee now, things look better.
Ate a cart of strawberries I brought, to tried to pack lunch and Denise's drunk friend ate my left overs.... Mustards.

I'm finding it hard to share my time between here and LJ, I know this one is suposed to be more personal, but frankly no one reads this (almost no one, hi kcam). And LJ/friends want to know what's going on. I'm to lazy to cross post, and I find it redundant. So I'm just going to stick with the whole, i have other blogs, you want links, I'll give you links route.

Sorry for any neglect on either part.

Call centers suck. It's sunday, no one calls... and those that do shouldn't.
I guess it's like any day, god I hate the white noise, and background noise of this place... day like today remind me why I was so excited once steve started days. Contact, social contact and people to talk to.. I miss that alot.

LJ has a bunch of shit on my friend issues at the moment, so I save Kcam from reading it twice. I just feel all around shity, and don't know how to fix things.


Over a year latter and I'm still wondering how all these peices ever fit together into a happier version of myself.


katelyn said...

Yay for working in call centers!

*high five*

B.A.D. said...