Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mother Fucker

It's 4 Am in the damn morning, and I haven't gone to sleep.
Nor have I gotten anything done, or been productive in ANY stretch of the word.
I haven't even posted anything of great significance or had much web based social (except a convo with BT which is always awesome).

I haven't packed, or sewn or mailed.
I haven;t even checked my mail.
I leave in two days, I don't even know if I got into chemistry yet.
I cannot sleep because I have too much to do, a new life to get control of, things I need to be on top of.
The school hasn't even begun and I'm already behind, is this maybe a sign I should just drop out now?

I mean seriously I cannot even commit to a TV show or Anime Series... I bought fucking death note and am on episode 3, Ego Proxy hasn't been started and I've fallen way behind in Nana.. not to mentioned the billions of others. I haven't FINISHED a book since school ended.

I don't even have all my stuff back from friends.
Nothing is packed.
What the fuck am I going to do?

Sit here and worry, maybe cry it seems.
Not much else seems to be within my grasp, get away from here out on my own somehow it just doesn't seem like that can last.

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