Friday, September 7, 2007

Some things just don't change

Nothing like a happy couple to make you feel like shiitake. Even better when their love chatting it up with their goodbye, come back for another housr, good night, return again. Loving bull shit.
Wow does this post sound bitter? Yup. I probobly don't really mind, it's just the hour and the realization that it has been over a year since i've had sex.. or play of any major kind. How depressing, I know I laugh and say i'll be alone forever but I was hoping that would be interupted so when I die with 50 cats people can say remeber the time she was with him/her.

And now there is someone from the net taking nude photos for me, yup I am officially a loser. More so than before. I can't web flirt, what am I doing... god I just feel like sleeping until 10 years from now.
I'm just down about alot of things I don't want to post here at the moment, well because their soo stupid I cannot even bring myself to type them. I haven't started my homework, I had the big game plan to over achieve the shit outta stuff to make up for my lack of friends and what do I do? Waste my time writing to no one. Heck there aren't even new PPK posts or much going on there.

I'm finally here in the city of my dreams, my city and I still feel like quiting.

Now to lighten the mood and because I actually think this list is funny


Reasons Why I will Never have Sex Again.

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21. Age
I'm at the age where males my age want younger woman and men older than myself are looking for long term mates, which they cannot see in a younger female of my age.
20. Halifax.
Is in the Maritimes, and no one comes to the Maritimes.. for anything.
19. Talking.
I would probably have to meet and talk to someone first, that is generally how this sex thing works right?
18. I have a roommate.
And therefore lack an area to perform sex in
17. General Lack of Physical Appeal
I am wide. Widely built, I have broad shoulders and am short. My bones are thick, hips are wide etc. Even my face looks too wide.
16. I am Short
Guys don't like/date or fuck short girls.
15. I am Weird.
It is really a miracle people even talk to me let alone desire to mate with me.
14. Small boobs
Ok, I know the bras say 38Cs, but well they are wrong. I have seen C's and these are not them.
13. Fat
I've got it and I'm to lazy to get ride of it, assuming it's possible.
12. Picky
I can be picky, and like to know people before I do anything...
11.Feminism/ I'm a Feminist
Most Guys don't like that, But I'm not going to forking change it.
10. I'm Stubborn
Everyone hates stubborness..
9. My inability to flirt.
I can't do it, and I have no idea how to go about such an endeavor if I where to ever find someone local to engage in it with. Or maybe I just don't think I can flirt ...
8. I'm too poor to but it/pay for it7. Veganism.
At least 70% of people are too busy trying to think up "People Eating Tasty Animals" jokes to ever consider sexing me.
6. The internet.
I spent way too much time on it, and reality/sex doesn't happen here.
5. They don't offer classes on flirting/sex/dating
Well not how to classes anyway, so I'd never get very far.
4. I think people will laugh at me.
3. I don't get crushes or feelings that would lead me to actively persue another being/Or they (Ok, the) doesn't work out.
Apparently, What I have now is known as one of those for mentioned crush things (not that I would know, I had it diagnosited by a friend). However, it sucks because I feel funny all the time and it wont work out due to distance, geography, age and it's one sided nature.
2. Inability To recognize Advances or Interests even if they should present themselves.

Those who know me, know how dense I am when it involves romance/flirting/advances and general interpersonal things that could lead to sex.
1. I am fairly sure I've forgotten how.

Why am I still awake?

Why is it I'm always feeling so down, so stupid and so alone.


katelyn said...

He's probably cheating on her. Relationships are never perfect or 'happy'.


B.A.D. said...

A little harsh, I'm sure their fine.
I was just in a bad mood, I don't mind them being happy or here or anything.. I'm just falling apart.