Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Siting amongs the empty bottles

On this cold hard floor, it's hard not to feel neglected and cast aside.
It seems as if I'm not really wanted here, and merely tolerated as a maid.
I can just feel all this shit building up inside, the loneliness maybe? And I just want to sit here and cry.

I hate always feeling this way, feeling so helpless and deserted everywhere. Heck, I feel most wanted at work these days, and thats including all the long silent periods where no one will talk to me for hours or minutes on end. But Steve is leaving soon, and he's by far the best for the inclusion factor.. Alex seems like he'd be cool, and that girl likes me more. Apparently I was to be her replacement for Steve! And she's a veggie! :3 I'm gonna miss these kids. I wanna start on nights, for more time with Steve before he leaves, and to get to know Alex better, I think the girl works night too.

Alex said I should start working nights which was nice, but somehow even all this positive work attention just seems to be shining light on how all my "real" friends or long term outside of work friends are falling sort, or falling apart.

I know soon enough we'll all be elsewhere and drift apart anyway, I can accept that I guess, I know it's bound to happen.. but I guess I was kinda hoping that miles and distance would be the end of all I love.

I was hoping in the end we'd be missing each other, and I'd have something to blame the emptiness on other than myself.

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