Sunday, April 8, 2012


A: well what do you want?
B.A.D.: I want to know what you want.
B.A.D.: Where I stand.
B.A.D.: What do you want?

A: i have no idea how to respond cause now i feel like iv been doing somthing wrong. to me you are very close. i dont know how elce to word it
B.A.D.: ... seriously tell me if i need to wait while you finish something.
B.A.D.: You haven't done anything wrong. I just want to know what you want from this.. or me..
B.A.D.: But I'm not going to pretend that 'close friends' kinda hurt.
A: yeh i know. i dont know what to say. we are not exactly dateing persay no idea how to word anyting
B.A.D.: not exactly dateing persay?
A: are we boyfriend and girlfriend?
B.A.D.: you are answering my questions with questions.
B.A.D.: :P
A well im not sure whats going on is all
B.A.D.: me either.
B.A.D.: Which is why I am asking you what YOU want to be going on.
A: not much honestly. if i can swing it maybe get around more. im easy to pleasethats why i asked what you wanted.
B.A.D.: So you don't want more.
A: i dont know
B.A.D.: oh
A: didn'y mean that in a bad way.
A: im just realy confused
B.A.D.: about?
A: your making me think
A i dont realy undrestand what im sapouse to do
B.A.D.: There isn't any, 'supposed to do'... I'm just trying to figure out what you want.
A not much as i said it dose not take alot to make me happy. im fine the way thins are, but if you want more just tell me. and in my experiance theres always a sapouse to do. i just never see it
B.A.D.: Well how are things now?
B.A.D.: Cause I'm not sure I know

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