Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wasted Day. Bah

So I slept all day, fuck. Got up around 11:30 watch secretary. Great movie. Awesome love story, hot as heck, funny as hell. Been feeling up and down.. really. Showered, watching six feet under.. for the past while.

Still no word from Dos, I can't get a hold of him, what a waste of a day. I feel as if I should be angry or something... annoyed at least? I don't know... I just wish I had a way to reach him. Maybe I just want to feel sometime normal, or recognizable.. even.

I was just looking forward to seeing an old friend, to talk to.. or even to talk. I haven't eaten yet.. maybe i should go get some shit mailed.. or go out to dinner or eat. I don't want to miss a call though. That's what I've been telling myself all day. Heck, I even got dressed dressed.

Heck even go read for school... I feel like I'm wasting away. I really like snow.

I have no idea what this post is about... i think I just want to waste time until I have to sleep or get a call. Or at least something to say what came up or... something. I just feel really silly.. and like I may be this way for a very very long time.

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